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About Play on Purpose

, AboutAll the time, I would get emails from people, asking for recommendations for a game they could use. They would read something like this, “I’ve got this group of 80 people, it’s the opening of the summit, and I have 20 minutes to lead them through some activity about collaboration. What do you suggest?” Then I would share a written description of a game that I use, or we would jump on the phone and I would describe it. I had become the person people called when they needed an infusion of play in their events. And while I loved the role, I realized it was not sustainable for me to keep explaining the games over and over in a one-on-one format. So the concept of a library of videos was born, as a way of scaling myself and making these impactful exercises available to more people.

The Play On Purpose library is the culmination of 20 years of researching, learning, and developing playful methods for engaging groups. In this age of the experience economy, there is an ever increasing demand for engaging experiences that are transformative, actionable and interactive. It’s not going away anytime soon, and it’s up to all of us who lead groups and teams to be constantly improving and expanding our repertoire of tools, so that we can create peak experiences that deliver real results.

I hope you get a lot out of these games and experiment with them and make them your own. Each one is a precious gem that can be themed and re-interpreted in a million ways to deliver the experience that your group needs right now. Enjoy!

Play on!

Why play?

A culture of play creates a community of safety, unlocks our highest capacities, and allows creativity and innovation to flourish.

Play is our evolutionary advantage, making us smarter, more adaptable, and able to form complex social groups.

More than an activity, play is a mindset.

A playful approach strengthens collaboration, builds creative problem-solving skills, and helps your team to overcome challenges quickly and easily.

More than fun for fun’s sake, when play is practiced with intention, it can be a profound vehicle for learning and transformation.

Research shows that experiential play:

Establishes stronger relationships and connections

Induces a “flow” state, ideal for creativity and the learning of new skills

Lights up the whole brain and creates new neural path ways that literally make you smarter

Meet Our Team
Jenny Sauer-Klein
Founder, Facilitator + Trainer
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Jenny Sauer-Klein is an experience designer and master facilitator who specializes in dynamic learning experiences that help companies engage their employees and bring their culture to life. She has designed and facilitated offsites and programs for companies like Airbnb, Dropbox, Genentech, VMware, ESPN, and Toyota, as well as running her signature Experience Design Training for internal teams. She trains people to use the power of play to drive learning and development in groups and teams through a curated collection of team building videos at Play On Purpose. She is also the founder and director of The Culture Conference, an invite-only event for 175 business leaders who are committed to personal growth and building positive culture in their own organizations. In her previous career as the co-founder of AcroYoga, she successfully scaled an international brand, community and organization with millions of practitioners including Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs. She has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Fast Company, and Inc., as well as Tim Ferriss’ book Tools of Titans.

Adam Rinder
Lead Facilitator + Trainer
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Adam Rinder is a master facilitator and executive leadership coach who has developed a framework to shift mindsets and motivation towards amplifying human potential. His approach is a synthesis of more than 15 years of facilitating live, transformative events and building community through the healing arts. Adam has been featured as a guest lecturer at the university level on the topic of cultivating meaningful relationships and inspiring greater purpose in young adults. He is the founder of the Culture Crash Course, supporting leadership teams to create the optimal conditions for their staff to collaborate with high levels of trust, synergy and purpose. Adam draws heavily upon his experience as a founding member of AcroYoga, leveraging collaborative skills to accelerate personal growth and reveal valuable insights into how we show up in relationship and community. He has worked privately with some of the world’s most influential silicon valley entrepreneurs, fashion icons and film directors. He has been featured on the Martha Stewart Show, KTLA News, The Village Voice and New York Magazine.