Blind Portrait Drawing

Blind Portrait Drawing is a super quick way to create bonds and connection between complete strangers, or deepen connections between people who already know each other well. Revealing the portraits participants have created of each other is always a hysterical moment that elicits joy and delight.

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Trainer's Tips


  • Ice Breakers
Length of Game
  • 5 minutes or less ?
Ideal Group Size
  • any
  • vulnerability
  • creativity
  • focus
  • appreciation
  • mindfulness

How to Play

  • Have the group split off into groups of 2, sitting across from each other.
  • Explain they will be drawing a portrait of the person sitting across from them. Both partners will be drawing simultaneously.
  • Rules: 1) They can’t look down at the paper they are drawing on, 2) They can’t lift their pen at any time during the drawing, so it will be one continuous line drawing.
  • Have everyone promise not to look down at their paper while they do the drawing, as it is SO tempting to cheat here!
  • Have everyone start at the same time and give them no more than 1 minute to complete the drawing of their partner.
  • Have partners show and celebrate their masterpieces to each other!
  • Have them write the name of their partner and three positive qualities they observed in the person they drew.
  • Sign the portrait, and give it to their partner an a gift and an artifact.