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Future Forecasting

Future Forecasting is a fun way of dreaming into the future and intentionally creating the best case scenario. It can be used to help turn around a team in a down moment, or used at the end of an event to accentuate the impact of what participants have just experienced.

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Trainer's Tips


  • Team Building
Length of Game
  • 5-10 minutes ?
Ideal Group Size
  • any
  • celebration
  • appreciation

How to Play

  • Ideally do a quick demo at the beginning of this exercise where you future forecast with a partner, and give them a range of what is possible when they get into a dream space with no limits.
  • Get people into small groups of 2.
  • Have people imagine what their life will be like exactly one year from today. (or you can give a timeline farther or closer away if that makes sense for your context). Imagine all the things that have happened in the year since this event they are at.
  • Then one person at a time will have 1-2 minutes where they talk about all the amazing things that have happened in their life in the past year, in the past tense as if it has already happened. They share as a stream of consciousness, without stopping or pausing, with no holds barred, and no limits, anything is possible. It can cover health, wealth, travel, family, romance, wellbeing, anything.  They are encouraged to stand and use their whole body, face and voice to celebrate.
  • The prompt can also focus around what has happened for this team in the past year, rather than the individual, if you are working with an intact group.
  • The witness is actively listening during the 2 minutes, and cheering the speaker on.
  • At the end of the 2 minutes, each group can have a short celebration, which can consist of cheering, high fives, whatever feels appropriate.
  • Then the other person has a chance to forecast the future, with supportive encouragement from the witness, and celebration at the end.