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Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers helps us to recognize how numbers have played a significant role in our lives, and to gain insight into our partner’s lives in a surprisingly profound and unusual way.

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Trainer's Tips




  • Ice Breakers
Length of Game
  • 10-15 minutes ?
Ideal Group Size
  • any
  • storytelling
  • vulnerability
  • active listening
  • appreciation

How to Play



  • Invite participants to think about 3 different sets of numbers that are significant to them for any reason that they are willing to share (any number except your current age).
  • Each person writes their name at the top of the paper and then below writes their three sets of numbers separated by a dash.
  • Do a demonstration where you share your own page with your significant numbers, having the group guess their meaning first, and then explaining what’s important about these numbers for you.
  • Explain that we will move into breakout rooms and each person take a turn showing the group their numbers, allowing the other group members to guess the significance of each number for about 1 minute. Then the person sharing should share the true meaning or story behind each of their numbers for a total of 2 minutes.


  • Divide participants into groups of 4 for 10 minutes with a 30 second buffer. As the host broadcast an announcement to switch partners every 3 minutes.


  • Have everyone hold up their numbers for a group photo!