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Rampage of Appreciation

Rampage of Appreciation is an uplifting, upbeat exercise that helps participants to focus on the good and cheer each other on. It is a way of practicing “what you appreciate, appreciates.” Great for boosting energy in a down moment, or amplifying celebration. Can be themed on work, life, team, company, product launch etc.

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Trainer's Tips


  • Ice Breakers
Length of Game
  • 5-10 minutes ?
Ideal Group Size
  • any
  • celebration
  • active listening
  • appreciation
  • verbal

How to Play

  • Get people in small groups. Groups of 2 is great for intimacy and connection, groups of 3 is great for more of a community and audience feeling.
  • One person at a time will have 2 minutes to go on a “rampage of appreciation” where they talk, stream of consciousness, without stopping or pausing, about all the wonderful things in their life (or work or health etc) that they are grateful for and appreciative of.  They are encouraged to stand and use their whole body, face and voice to celebrate all that is awesome, from the small details to the big things.
  • The listener(s) are actively supporting during the 2 minutes, and cheering the speaker on.
  • At the end of the 2 minutes, each group can have a short celebration, which can consist of cheering, high fives, whatever feels appropriate. 
  • Then have each person in the group have a chance to go on their rampage of appreciation.