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Step Into The Circle If…

Step Into The Circle If can be both a light and deep way of connecting a group, and revealing more about what we have in common with each other. The facilitator really sets the tone for the level of sharing, and can also open the floor to contributions from the group.

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Trainer's Tips


  • Ice Breakers
Length of Game
  • 5-10 minutes ?
Ideal Group Size
  • small (6-12)
  • medium (12-30)
  • large (30-50)
  • inclusion/exclusion
  • empathy
  • vulnerability
  • communication
  • leadership
  • trust

How to Play

  • Have everyone stand in a circle.
  • Ideally the facilitator begins by offering a few statements, starting more surface and light and gradually going a bit deeper, if it’s appropriate for the group. If the statement is true for you, take a step into the circle (eg, “Step into the circle if you have siblings.”)
  • Then take a breath, notice who has stepped into the circle (the people you share this in common with) and the people who have not stepped into the circle (who do not share this in common). Then step back and re-join the main circle.
  • Statements can be themed depending on the context of your group to draw out some things that might not come up in a casual conversation.
  • If it feels like there is psychological safety in the group, you can offer participants the option to also spontaneously offer statements. In this case, any statement offered should be true for the person saying it. Anyone who is compelled to offer a statement can share one.