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Connection Strategies

, Connection Strategies
, Connection Strategies

Strategy 1: Turning Passive Observers into Active Participants

At in-person events, we would normally have serendipitous moments of connection, but online we have to create moments of connection on purpose or else they will not happen at all! So how do we beat Zoom fatigue and make convening online interesting, impactful and even enjoyable?  Make engagement your #1 priority!

, Connection Strategies

Strategy 2: Connect Early

Develop a short activity to help participants have a meaningful moment with each other, which can make a huge difference in making them more receptive for your important upcoming content.

, Connection Strategies

Strategy 3: Connect Often

To build authentic relationships takes time, so you’re going to need multiple touch points to build that trust and rapport. We’ll review some ideal times for a connection exercise and discuss the tension that often exists between connection and content (hint: you can have both at the same time!).

, Connection Strategies

Strategy 4: Gradually Increase Vulnerability

Vulnerability has been proven as a key factor for deepening relationships and creating long-term impact with groups. When we build trust in our interpersonal relationships, we’re more likely to lean into the discomfort of growth, change and learning!

, Connection Strategies

Strategy 5: Wide + Shallow vs. Narrow + Deep

In order to choose the right exercises for your group, you’ll need to consider these two meta connection strategies in order to use your time wisely. We’ll give you tools to think about how factors like the size of your group, frequency of interaction, depth of existing relationships and length of your experience affects the types of exercises you should choose.