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, How it Works    

Step inside the Play on Purpose platform and see all of these great features in action! Our 2-minute behind the scenes tour will show you how our filters help you quickly find the right exercise for your group and our resources instantly up-level your facilitation.

The Professional Development Tool that lets you learn anytime, anywhere, at a fraction of the cost.

Learning from videos is better

It’s hard to learn new games by reading them on paper! It’s nearly impossible to tell how people will respond, how to clearly model the instructions, and how to anticipate the potential pitfalls.  By watching the video you get the living felt sense of being in the room.

Find what you need quickly

Searching for videos of games on YouTube is often a long and frustrating process, sorting through exercises that are not relevant or appropriate for your group or context. Our easy search filters sort through the library to give you what you need quickly.

Online learning saves you time and money

It’s expensive and time consuming to take in-person workshops, hoping you might pick up a useful game or two. With this video library all the games are always at your fingertips for a minimal investment.

Where can you use these games?

You can use these activities to accelerate connection, learning and impact at any live virtual or in-person event, such as:








brainstorming sessions

Leverage the Power of Play
Why Play?

More than an activity, play is a mindset that encourages curiosity and adaptability.

A culture of play creates a safe environment for creativity and innovation to flourish.

When play is practiced with intention, it can be a profound vehicle for accelerating growth, learning and development.

Research shows that experiential play:

Induces a “flow” state, ideal for creativity and the learning of new skills

Lights up the whole brain and creates new neural path ways that literally make you smarter

Strengthens collaboration, builds creative problem-solving skills, and helps your team to overcome challenges quickly and easily.

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Instantly expand your repertoire of meaningful exercises to use with your group.

Access our library on-demand with over 80 games and activities.

Learn helpful tools for facilitating engaging exercises online through Zoom.

3 curated Spotify Playlists to enhance your virtual facilitation and DJ skills.

Get exclusive invitations, special offers and discounts to events and Experience Design Trainings with PoP Founder Jenny Sauer-Klein.

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Learn It Today, Lead It Tomorrow
Get access to over 80 games and activities, each featuring a video of:
Car + Driver

The Game Itself

Watch real people (not actors) having a real experience as they learn and play the game.

2 Observation Game TN

Participant Debrief

Observe the power of the debrief to magnify and accelerate meaning for each participant.

Jenny CU

Trainer's Tips

Get the inside scoop on the do’s and don’ts that make this game be successful.

3 Collaborative Definitions Variations TN


Learn ways to modify each game for different groups and outcomes from some of the leading facilitators in the field.


Zoom Tutorials

10 step-by-step videos on how to maximize Zoom for connection and engagement (playing music, using breakout rooms, and more!)

Additional Features

Downloadable PDFs

Get a Downloadable PDF that you can print out and take with you, so you have a cheatsheet with key instructions on how to lead the game.


Select and save your favorite games so you can go back and re-visit them at anytime, without having to scan through the whole library.


Search the library to find the perfect game for your context, depending on how much time you have, how many people are in your group, and what kind of themes you want to emphasize.

Sample Sequences

See examples of how these games can be linked together in time-tested combinations to create hours of programming that deliver profound results.

Sequence Builder

Create your own sequences based off of real life scenarios you are designing for. Save sequences with custom titles to refer to and use again later.

Not ready for the full membership?

Get a FREE TRIAL of 3 of our favorite games!


These activities are proven to bring greater connection and meaning to any gathering.

  • Lucky Numbers
  • Step into the Circle
  • Rampage of Appreciation

For each game, you’ll get access to a tutorial video to see how the game is run, plus valuable tips, variations, debriefs and a PDF of instructions to learn today, and lead tomorrow!

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3 Free Games
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Origins of Play on Purpose

Over the years, I had become the person people called when they needed an infusion of meaningful play in their events. After hundreds of these one-on-one consultations, I decided to launch this library of videos as a way of making these impactful exercises available to more people like you!

The Play On Purpose library is the culmination of 20 years of researching, learning, and developing playful methods for engaging groups. I have used these exercises with tens of thousands of people around the world, and I am confident that they can work their magic on any group.

Play on Purpose - Group Session

Each exercise is a precious gem that can be themed and re-interpreted in a million ways to deliver the experience that your group needs right now. I hope you find these tools useful in your practice, and that you continue to experiment with them and make them your own.

Play on!

Or join us live!


Each month we host live Virtual Connection Labs so you can experience Play on Purpose in action. These 75 minute workshops build on a theme from the library and include two exercises plus tips on how to lead the game yourself. You’ll learn from leading facilitators, and join a global community of facilitators bringing connection and transformation into the workplace. 

Attend your first Virtual Connection Lab for free with coupon code VCLFIRST

, How it Works