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By signing up for the Free Trial of Play on Purpose you'll receive instant access to three of our favorite games from the full library.
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Lucky Numbers

Lucky Numbers helps us to recognize how numbers have played a significant role in our lives, and to gain insight into our partner’s lives in a surprisingly profound and unusual way.

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Rampage of Appreciation

Rampage of Appreciation is an uplifting, upbeat exercise that helps participants to focus on the good and cheer each other on. It is a way of practicing “what you appreciate, appreciates.”

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Step Into The Circle If…

Step Into The Circle If can be both a light and deep way of connecting a group, and revealing more about what we have in common with each other.

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3 Free Games
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Each Sample Game Includes...
Car + Driver

The Game Itself

Watch real people (not actors) having a real experience as they learn and play the game.

2 Observation Game TN

Participant Debrief

Observe the power of the debrief to magnify and accelerate meaning for each participant.

Jenny CU

Trainer's Tips

Get the inside scoop on the do’s and don’ts that make this game be successful.

3 Collaborative Definitions Variations TN


Learn ways to modify each game for different groups and outcomes from some of the leading facilitators in the field.

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Downloadable PDFs

Get a Downloadable PDF that you can print out and take with you, so you have a cheatsheet with key instructions on how to lead the game.

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Instant Access, No Obligation

3 Free Games
  • No commitments
  • Get instant access to 3 games
  • No credit card needed, just sign up
Where can you use these games?

You can use these activities to accelerate connection, learning and impact at any live virtual or in-person event, such as:








brainstorming sessions

Leverage the Power of Play
Why Play?

More than an activity, play is a mindset that encourages curiosity and adaptability.

A culture of play creates a safe environment for creativity and innovation to flourish.

When play is practiced with intention, it can be a profound vehicle for accelerating growth, learning and development.

Research shows that experiential play:

Induces a “flow” state, ideal for creativity and the learning of new skills

Lights up the whole brain and creates new neural path ways that literally make you smarter

Strengthens collaboration, builds creative problem-solving skills, and helps your team to overcome challenges quickly and easily.

Origins of Play on Purpose

Over the years, I had become the person people called when they needed an infusion of meaningful play in their events. After hundreds of these one-on-one consultations, I decided to launch this library of videos as a way of making these impactful exercises available to more people like you!

The Play On Purpose library is the culmination of 20 years of researching, learning, and developing playful methods for engaging groups. I have used these exercises with tens of thousands of people around the world, and I am confident that they can work their magic on any group.

Play on Purpose - Group Session

Each exercise is a precious gem that can be themed and re-interpreted in a million ways to deliver the experience that your group needs right now. I hope you find these tools useful in your practice, and that you continue to experiment with them and make them your own.

Play on!