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Strategy 1: Turning Passive Observers into Active Participants

At in-person events, we would normally have serendipitous moments of connection, but online we have to create moments of connection on purpose or else they will not happen at all!

So how do we beat Zoom fatigue and make convening online interesting, impactful and even enjoyable? Make engagement your #1 priority!

One of the best ways to get participants engaged is to introduce an activity, or opportunity to ‘play’. When you draw people into play, not only will they enjoy the experience, but they will be further engrossed in the event. 

Play allows people to open up and connect, and even aids the brain in retaining information quickly and more efficiently.

Leverage the Power of Play
Why Play?

More than an activity, play is a mindset that encourages curiosity and adaptability.

A culture of play creates a safe environment for creativity and innovation to flourish.

When play is practiced with intention, it can be a profound vehicle for accelerating growth, learning and development.

Research shows that experiential play:

Induces a “flow” state, ideal for creativity and the learning of new skills

Lights up the whole brain and creates new neural path ways that literally make you smarter

Strengthens collaboration, builds creative problem-solving skills, and helps your team to overcome challenges quickly and easily.

Play is a core value of our company. Which is why we’ve created a library just for you, to be able to access over 80+ games and exercises to help you get your peers engaged in play today.

How It Works

Step inside the Play on Purpose platform and see all of these great features in action! Our 2-minute behind the scenes tour will show you how our filters help you quickly find the right exercise for your group and our resources instantly up-level your facilitation.

Become a Member and Get Unlimited Access to Over 80 Connection and Engagement Games!

Use this library to learn tools today and lead connection tomorrow

What People Are Saying

"I am in absolute love with the Virtual Connection Labs and other sessions by Jenny. I always walk away feeling inspired and refreshed. A must attend in learning how to connect in this virtual world."


"I just had to write and tell you how much I am loving the platform after one day! I signed up last night and was able to use the Rose, Thorn and Bud exercise today in a group with approximately 15 people and it was perfect. The video examples made it super easy to facilitate with little prep time."


"The video exercises, Zoom tutorials and music tracks you have provided on "Play on Purpose" are fantastic resources for anyone wanting to create more engagement and connection within virtual programs."


"My fellow coaches and leadership development professionals, Play on Purpose and Scaling Intimacy are absolutely musts to learn how to create and scale intimacy online in fun and engaging ways. This has been a game changer - literally - for how we design and deliver workshops like Dare To Lead."


"I'm just super impressed with the incorporation of this new content into the existing library. Thank you... this is an invaluable resource to me."


"Jenny mixes a powerful combination of play with tools for teams to work through transitions, culture issues and creativity breakthroughs. She never crosses the line into 'hokey' and keeps teams out of their comfort zone while learning and having fun."