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Zoom Tutorials

Enabling Zoom.us Settings

In this video: 

  • Settings to look at before your meeting
  • Security settings
  • Scheduling a meeting
  • In meeting tools (basic & advanced)

Maximizing the Chat  Functions

In this video: 

  • Benefits of using the chat functions in facilitation 
  • Using the chat box settings 
  • Private vs public chat 
  • Sharing a file 
  • Saving the chat stream 

Screen Sharing

In this video: 

  • Sharing the entire screen
  • Sharing a specific window 
  • Sharing a section of your screen 

Sharing Sound, Music and Video

In this video: 

  • Sharing music/audio without sharing screen
  • Sharing music/audio with Slides/Screen Share 
  • Sharing a video

The Whiteboard Tool

In this video: 

  • Functionality of the whiteboard tool 
  • Facilitating with the whiteboard 
  • Using the whiteboard (participant view

Using Polls

In this video: 

  • Benefits of polls 
  • How to set up a poll
  • Launching & sharing polls 

Using Breakout Rooms

In this video: 

  • Benefits of Breakout Rooms in facilitation 
  • How to set up Breakout Rooms for your meeting
  • Launching Breakout Rooms

Using Google Jamboard with Zoom

In this video:

  • See how to use an external application with Zoom
  • How to use Google Jamboard for collaboration
  • Benefits of facilitating with Jamboard

Recording Your Meeting

In this video: 

  • Recording to the cloud vs your computer 
  • Settings you need to know for recording  
  • How to record your meeting

Zoom Tools for Engaging your Audience

In this video: 

  • Renaming participants for connection 
  • Using non-verbal communication tools
  • Zoom Reactions 
  • Pin + Spotlight Videos 

This video series created by our technical director Michael Narea, Transcend Network. Contact him at michael@transcend-network.com.